Got a new vase for my little plant terrarium and added some moss and orchids. It now contains:

- Sarracenia Hybride
- Phalaenopsis Hybride
- Cetraria islandica
- Epipremnum aureum
- Solenostemon scutellarioides
- some local ferns and mosses

Everything sits under a 8W 6.500k LED bulb and looking good! :)

People need to stop making me want to make a terrarium. Stooooop

Johnnie Phelps, a woman sergeant in the army, thought, “There was a tolerance for lesbianism if they needed you. The battalion I was in was probably about ninety-seven percent lesbian.”
Sergeant Phelps worked for General Eisenhower. Four decades after Eisenhower had defeated the Axis powers, Phelps recalled an extraordinary event. One day, the general told her, “I’m giving you an order to ferret those lesbians out. We’re going to get rid of them.”
“I looked at him and then I looked at his secretary who was standing next to me, and I said, ‘Well, sir, if the general pleases, sir, I’ll be happy to do this investigation for you. But you have to know that the first name on the list will be mine.’ “
“And he was kind of taken aback a bit. And then this women standing next to me said, ‘Sir, if the General pleases, you must be aware that Sergeant Phelp’s name may be second, but mine will be first.”
“Then I looked at him, and said, ‘Sir, you’re right. They’re lesbians in the WAC battalion. And if the general is prepared to replace all the file clerks, all the section commanders, all the drivers-every woman in the WAC detachment-and there were about nine hundred and eighty something of us-then I’ll be happy to make that list. But I think the general should be aware that among those women are the most highly decorated women in the war. There have been no cases of illegal pregnancy. There have been no cases of AWOL. There have been no cases of misconduct. And as a matter of fact, every six months since we’ve been here, the general has awarded us a commendation for meritorious conduct.”
“And he said, ‘Forget the order.’” —

The Gay Metropolis, page 47, Charles Kaiser (via bibliothekara)

Phelps tells this story herself in the excellent 1984 documentary Before Stonewall, which you can watch in its entirety on YouTube (she’s at 19:30, but really, watch the whole thing):

(via theodoradove)

This makes me laugh every time I see it.

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  • What are your favorite smells? cut grass, horses (like hay and stuff and everything stabley), bacon, waterstones book stores (especially the one in bristol) and my bff’s house
  • Can you go a whole day without caffeine? yes! i do in summer in france mostly because it’s too hot for tea
  • What song did you last listen to? The Planets: Mars (or whatever it’s ACTUALLY called) you know the classical composition (mum lent me her ipod since i lost my phone today)
  • Do you have a crush on anybody? nahh mate i don’t like boys atm (v v v boring) and i don’t know that i like girls
  • Do you like The Beatles? Yes!!! not all the time but i know loads of their songs and listen if they’re playing!
  • If you could choose one color to wear for a whole year, what color would you choose? grey-y blue? or like a dark teal?
  • Do you cook often? YEP it often goes terribly (when i bake… p sure i have the wrong flour) but i’m generally decent at meals and poultry
  • What was the last film you watched? Did you like it? Something called Winter’s Tale? It’s rather strange (and the description i received was rather ambiguous) but v sweet. Also it has Will Smith cast as lucifer??? and russel crow as the badie. (I hated the good guy’s hair sO MUCH UGH GOD) 
  • Can you sew? Not well (but i sew together my bras every other week so i should be okay by now)
  • What is your favourite fruit?  If you offer to buy me fruit, buy me raspberries (because they’re very expensive for how much you get and i don’t like paying for them). Also grapes, blueberries and mangoes.
  • Are you health conscious? I AM but i don’t have the discipline to keep up. But not so much about diets or w/e more about sport. i don’t diet i like food too much.
  • Do you curse a lot? All the fucking time (but not around family) (or at least not on purpose)
  • When was the last time you had a pint of beer? uhhhhhh an actual pint? Probably last october when i was visiting me friends in england
  • Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason? BACON. roast pork crackling. and a cream tea occasionally.
  • What was the last book you purchased? idk probably the elda edda last summer (norse mythology)
    BUT i’ve been meaning to buy The Book Thief!!!!! because i started it and it’s amazing
  • Where was your last vacation? This time last month to Marbella! met some celebrities i don’t know and did a lot of drinking
  • Do you shave your pits? yah
  • Did you ever play seven minutes in heaven? nope it’s not a thing
  • Girls, when was the last time you went out without a bra? ….. i don’t know that i have since i started having them in year 6? (like… other than when sleeping obvs) i don’t think i was ever comfortable NOT, and since i was about 14 it’s impossible not to
  • Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen? Nah BUT i have an awesome scar on my chin from bellyflopping on a bed when i was young and whacking my chin on the radiator
  • How do you like your eggs? Boiled and then with soldiers (or if not runny then on toast!)


Grimm and Other Folk Tales

by Cory Godbey


ibis Snuggling Bunnies X



Plenty of films have taken a stab at bringing Bible stories to life, from “The Ten Commandments” and “Jesus Christ: Superstar” to this year’s “Son of God” and “Noah.” But despite those movies’ different genres and tones, these films all tend to share one similarity: They have white casts, even though the Bible’s characters would have been from parts of Africa or the Middle East. Photographer James C. Lewis of Noire3000 | N3K Photo Studios has decided to rectify by presenting these iconic figures in a new light.

Lewis’ “Icons Of The Bible” photo series depicts some of the most famous characters from the Old and New Testament exclusively as people of color, including Simon Peter, Elijah, King Solomon and the archangel Gabriel. The series, which will be fully released in October, features 70 models who identify as either Asian, Native American, Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, Black American and West Indian.

"I think it is very important to see one’s self in the Scripture so that it may become real in their eyes," Lewis told The Huffington Post. "The whitewashing of the Bible has always bothered me. However I’m happy to now have the opportunity to give a different point of view."


…. is it okay to fangirl over the Bible yet?








aquarium headboard

clear bathtub

sleepover room


color pallet door

tree house kids bedroom



all of these in my future house. all

LOVE all of these! 

I am so in love with the Door, stairs and that pantry!

my house.

is that a moon door in that kitchen


there isnt a single part of this vine i dont like

just watched mulan for the first time in forever and i forgot how fuCKING BADASS IT IS




why be a fan of severus snape when you can be a fan of regulus black?

Regulus Black who was noble and zealous and believed with all his heart in a cause. Regulus Black who saw his brother slip away from him, the brother who escaped their mother, while he stayed behind. Regulus Black, who was a Seeker and was kind to Kreacher. 

Regulus Black who lost his convictions because he saw the evil Voldemort was willing to do, and do to a house elf of all things. 

Regulus Black who went into that cave, who drank that potion, knowing what it did. Regulus Black who went there to sabotage the most evil wizard who ever lived. Regulus Black who became a rebel. Regulus Black who ordered Kreacher to safety even as he was dragged beneath the water.

Regulus Black who died without his brother ever knowing what he had done. Regulus Black who died without anyone knowing about his sacrifice. (And can you imagine his mother? Waiting for him to come home, only he never does? Her son never comes home.)

Regulus Black who redeemed himself. Regulus Black who was only 18 years old. 

Why would you like anyone else when you could like Regulus Black?